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The “Piezo Effect” or the release of voltage through pressure in Piezo crystals, is used in many electronic applications and is particularly suited for use in custom Keypad assemblies.

Diamond HMI has been supplying Custom Piezo keypads for over 10 years. In January 2015 we were appointed the UK agent/ Distributor for ALGRA, the world leader in custom Piezo Keyboard design and manufacture.



ALGRA’s core technology DYNAPIC uses Piezo elements incorporated in the structure of a keyboard. Recently they have developed a technology to apply Piezo-Electric Lacquer on to a circuitry layer which can then be incorporated into the overall keyboard structure.

This unique structure called DYNASIM and patented by ALGRA, guarantees the same precise switching characteristics as conventional piezo elements but with greater repeatability and lower cost of manufacture making it suitable for higher volume applications.

Piezo switches only need a stroke from 1 to 10μm in order to generate a usable voltage response. The elements used are so sensitive that the switching signal can be produced through several millimetres of many different materials such as polyester, polycarbonate, anodized aluminium, steel or other metals, plexiglass and glass, wood or even stone.

Dependent on materials chosen ALGRA can produce curved surface keyboards opening up many additional design opportunities for Interface developers.


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