CombiKey Custom 3D Rubber Keypads

  • Laser Etched And PU Coated CombiKey Keypad
  • Silicone Rubber CombiKey Keypad With Embedded Window
  • CombiKey Keypad With Mylar Overlay For Graphic Effect
  • Screen Printed CombiKey Keypad With PU Coating

If your product cries out for a Keypad with a more dynamic 3D appearance then CombiKey™ technology from Diamond HMI is the ideal solution.

Utilising the best features from both Membrane Keypads and Silicone Rubber Keypads, CombiKey™ technology offers longer key travel and a tuneable tactile response. LED's can be incorporated easily to illuminate full key tops or just key legends and an additional hard epoxy layer can be added to create a more rugged keyboard structure ideal for harsh applications.

Combikey™ Keypads are manufactured by fusing together a Membrane base layer with a Silicone moulded top layer to create a Keypad which can be easily adhered to a products case and attached to the internal electronics via a simple flat Membrane Tail terminating in a ZIF or Crimpflex type connector. This can create an IP65 rated front panel which can be designed to fit seamlessly to the contours of the products casing.

With the enhanced user response and practically unlimited design options, designers enjoy developing CombiKey™ keypads across many different applications. Our most recent applications include Automotive, Industrial Control and Leisure products.

You can get further details about keypad design in our Keypad Design Guide. If you want your product to stand out from your competitors, please talk to our product designers about CombiKey™ keypad technology now on 01477 505206.

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Silicone Rubber Keypad Design Guide
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