With DYNAPIC technology from ALGRA, an individual Piezo element is placed behind each key within the keyboard construction. The Piezo elements provide contact with printed conductor films which are in turn sandwiched between an operating panel and a support plate.



ALGRA can accommodate a choice of overlay materials as the switching cycle is triggered by the distortion of the Piezo element by just a few micro-meters. Aluminium, stainless steel, glass or plastic are the most common overlay material each allowing different design opportunities to the Interface designer.

Key Benefits:

Vandal resistant
Suppression of electromagnetic interference
More robust than membrane keyboards
Insensitive to mechanical wear
Unaffected by changes in air pressure
Various overlay materials available
Adjustable operating force

Interfacing Piezo Keypads

ALGRA offers its own custom ASIC interface controller which amplifies and digitalizes the piezo - electrical signals produced by the keyboard.

These CMOS signals are available as serial, parallel and as a matrix for further processing. Other standardized interfaces are also available.

The switch sensitivity is set electronically through the adjustment of the switch point on the ASIC. This setting can be made when the interface is manufactured at our internal electronics laboratory or is offered in software form to the user.

Please contact our project team on 01477 505206 for further information interfacing your Piezo Keyboard.


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