DYNAPIC® Wireless NEW from ALGRA

With DYNAPIC® Wireless from ALGRA you can create remotely located switches and Keypads which require no battery and can transmit over a range of up to 60 metres.

In DYNAPIC® Wireless a single Piezo element on a PCB with an overall thickness of 1.0mm creates the switching function that requires no electrical supply. Using energy harvested from a finger pressing the piezo element, ALGRA’s microprocessor and Radio transmitter IC produce a coded wireless signal which sent to a designated receiver. The maximum transmission distance is up to 60m.

The physical movement required to activate the Piezo element is minimal hence no moving parts and zero wear. In fact the switch life is estimated to be in excess of 10m operations.

ALGRA have produced a development kit for companies considering integrating DYNAPIC® Wireless into one of their products.There is also a demo unit which consists of a single button remote control used to activate any electrical product plugged into the reciever unit. 
Application of DYNAPIC® Wireless include Lighting Controllers, Garage Door/Gate controllers, Door access Controllers

DynaPic Microcontroller & Radio transmitterDynaPic's PCB 2.2mm thicknessDynaPic Development KitDynaPic Demo Unit

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