DYNASIM® from ALGRA has revolutionised the use of Piezo technology in Keyboard design by automating the manufacturing process thus allowing piezo keyboards to be used in higher volume applcations.








Based around their patented piezo inking process rather than mechanically inserting standard Piezo pills into voids in the keyboard structure, layers of piezo, electrical conductors and insulation are printed onto polyester film in an automated serigraphic process.

Overlays of aluminium, stainless steel, glass or plastic are bonded to this active piezo film to create the keyboard. With DYNASIM, ALGRA have made it possible to manufacture exceptionally thin and solid keyboards which require very little deformation to operate yet still maintains a high degree of resistant to external elements.

Benefit of DYNASIM®

Various overlay materials possible
Reduced layers for greater reliability
Suppression of electromagnetic interference
More robust than membrane keyboards
Lower costs for higher volume projects
Convex form possible
Free choice of key size (no limit)
Unaffected by changes in air pressure
Adjustable operating force

Interfacing Piezo Keypads:

ALGRA offers its own custom ASIC interface controller which amplifies and digitalizes the piezo - electrical signals produced by the keyboard.

These CMOS signals are available as serial, parallel and as a matrix for further processing. Other standardized interfaces are also available.

The switch sensitivity is set electronically through the adjustment of the switch point on the ASIC. This setting can be made when the interface is manufactured at our internal electronics laboratory or is offered in software form to the user.

Please contact our project team on 01477 505206 for further information interfacing your Piezo Keyboard

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