Liquid Crystal Display Modules (LCD's)

Character LCD Modules
Diamond HMI's Alphanumeric Character LCD's range in formats from 8x1 to 40x4 characters. more >
Graphic LCD Modules
Diamond HMI's Graphic LCD range has products with resolutions ranging from 84x48 pixels to 320x240 pixels. more >
Custom LCD Modules
If one of our standard Character or Graphic LCD modules does not fit, we can assist with the development and production of a custom LCD. more >
Character OLED Modules
Diamond HMI's Alphanumeric Character OLED Display's range from 8x2 to 40x2 Characters. more >
Graphic OLED Modules
Diamond HMI's Graphic OLED Display's range from 50x16 to 256x64 dots and are available in a range of colours and with various polariser options. more >
TFT Panels
Diamond HMI's range of TFT displays includes screen sizes from 2.5 inch to 20 inch with various interface options including RGB and LVDS. more >

Diamond HMI's extensive experience and relationships with high quality display manufacturers ensures we can support your requirements for the latest innovative display solutions.

Our experienced team work alongside your own development teams to ensure the right solution is tightly integrated into your final design. We strive to provide robust, reliable and visually striking solutions ensuring your product is well received by your customers.

Range & Applications

Nowadays almost every device we interact with contains a display of some description. The clarity of information provided on the display directly affects a user’s perception of your product. Our broad display range covers everything from bespoke Static Glass through to AMOLED. Our range of industry standard alphanumeric and graphic LCD modules can be supplied with various fluid, polariser and backlight options to create the perfect display for your application.

Our TFT range covers 3.5” through to 12.1” and most are available with the latest PCAP touch screens. We can also produce custom touch screen solutions and customise panels with high brightness backlights for sunlight visibility. Our rapidly expanding range of Character & Graphic OLED modules are ideal for discerning designers who are striving to save power in their latest designs.


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