Standard Piezo Switches and Keypads

  • Individual Piezo Switches
  • Standard Piezo Keypads

If your product requires ruggedised or waterproof switches our range of standard Piezo keypads and individual switches could be the ideal solution. Using pressure sensitive Piezo elements in solid, sealed metal housings the technology is ideal for applications such as Mining, Public Washrooms and External Access Control.

About Piezo Switching

Our piezoelectric technology produces highly reliable Industrial Switches, Keypads and Keyboards that not only silent in operation but among the most robust switching solutions in the market.

Manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel, switches may be customized with graphics or text bespoke to a customer’s application. LED illumination in spot or ring format may be specified ensuring a high quality appearance to their product. Sealed to IP65 as standard they are ideal for applications where aggressive chemicals are in use or where high humidity coupled with extremes of temperature compromises the function of other switching technologies.

Successful applications include:- Access Control, Fuel Pump stations, Below ground monitoring systems, Water control systems and Parking management.


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