NEW Waterproof Medical & Industrial Keyboards

11 May 2017

DiamondHMI's new range of waterproof and easy to clean keyboards are designed for medical products, clean industrial applications including food processing, semiconductor manufacturing and laboratories, POS systems and public area data input and control.

Waterproof Keyboards for Medical use - Diamond HMI
The iMTC range of sealed keyboards are waterproof to IP68, easy to clean and may be washed in a dishwasher. The keyboards meet medical approval EN60601-1-2 and can be supplied with a certified antimicrobial coating, nano silver or ionic silver antibacterial technology. 
The range comprises Full QUERTY keyboards and square number keypads with optional adjustable backlighting, keyboard on/off switch. Normal connection to host systems is via USB cable however alternative intefaces can be accomodated including wireless. Keyboards may be supplied with a touch sensor mouse or optical tracker ball.
Low cost branding options can be offered for OEM customers if required.
To learn more about this new range of Keyboard products download the datasheets below or contact our team directly on 01477 505206. Please note we can provide certification for Antimicobial coatings on request.   
For more detailed information on our range click here

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Resources - Product Software & Datasheet downloads

106 series Waterproof Full QWERTY + NUM Pad
110 series IP68 Waterproof Keyboard with Track Pad
720 Series IP68 small footprint Keyboard with integral Pointing device
IP68 Mouse with Touch scroll
NKP Series IP68 Number pad Keyboard with pointing device